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1- Why pursue a Doctorate of Business Administration from ESC Pau Business School?

To meet the growing demand from managers looking to conceptualize their managerial practices and generate actionable knowledge. This type of program aims to encourage reflection, provide distance, and result in the publication of a professional doctoral thesis.

ESC Pau Business School, through its partner Global Management Institute, awards its doctoral candidates an intermediate certificate and a DBA upon successful defense, held at ESC Pau Business School in France.


2- How long does the DBA program at ESC Pau Business School last?

The ESC Pau Business School DBA program, implemented in Morocco by Global Management Institute, is structured in two phases, allowing the candidate to defend their thesis within 2 years.

The first phase begins with defining the research project and assigning a thesis advisor. During the first year, the candidate attends a series of fundamental seminars with individualized guidance from the thesis advisor. This first year culminates in the awarding of a Methodology Certificate from ESC Pau Business School.

The second year is dedicated to thesis writing, during which a series of writing workshops are organized to assist the candidate in refining their thesis.

Upon successful validation of the thesis, the defense takes place at ESC Pau Business School in France.


3- What sets the DBA at ESC Pau Business School apart?

A world-class faculty that understands the importance of actionability in management sciences. A program based on the analysis of managerial practices, theoretical depth, and managerial impact with social utility.

The DBA program also includes individualized guidance, allowing for a 24-month defense process.

This DBA also leads to the awarding of an intermediate certificate.


4- What is the difference between the DBA at ESC Pau Business School and a PhD?

The ESC Pau Business School DBA, implemented by Global Management Institute, distinguishes itself from a PhD by placing importance on empirical investigations conducted by the candidate and their degree of actionability. It focuses on theses with managerial impact, allowing the candidate-manager to co-create knowledge, transform, and impact their organization.


5- Who is the DBA at ESC Pau Business School for?

The ESC Pau Business School DBA, deployed by Global Management Institute, is designed for active managers with higher education and significant professional experience in various organizations (private, public, consultants, and business school educators).


6- What title will I hold and display on my business card if my work is accepted?

Doctor in Business Administration, ESC Pau Business School


7- How do I enroll?

Fill out the enrollment form and/or contact us at: contact@globalmanagementinstitute.com / +212 6 66 33 07 33